Art Talk with Tysen Knight on Street Art
Street Artist and filmmaker Tysen Knight will be previewing his film that has been accepted for the Documentary Film Fest in Palm Springs this April.

The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary
USA / Tysen Knight / 58 min. CALIFORNIA PREMIERE Mon., April 9, 4:30 pm, Camelot PROGRAM 38 & Tues., April 10, 7:30 pm, Camelot PROGRAM 56

2018 American Documentary Film Festival

PALM SPRINGS, CA  •  APRIL 6 -14, 2018


Tysen Knight's love for art has always been in his DNA. As a teenager Tysen would express his art thru graffiti on walls and vacant buildings. He also spray painted and airbrushed jeans & t-shirts for classmates and local neighbors for money.

Tysen's parents became alarmed with his method of expressing himself artistically. So they brought him art supplies and encourage him to pursue his art in more traditional ways. His parents entered him into an art competition (NAACP Act-So Program) Tysen placed 2nd in the state of N.J. for his oil painting of an African Queen.

Qualifying him for the national competition in Houston, Texas. This experience gave Tysen exposure to all different types of art styles from around the country. Street, fine, pop and urban art defines Tysen's artwork.

Tysen's artwork touches the subconscious of his collectors. Tysen Knight artwork is recognized all over the world.